ILEHA Special Board Meeting Minutes

January 29, 2021


A special Board meeting was held to discuss the status of memorializing the verbal agreement with Meridian Township, the Eyde Company and ILEHA on the property north of the proposed Andev senior living community.

Joe Pavona called the meeting to order at 6:37 pm.  Those in attendance were Sean Looman, Jill Garnet, Suchitra Webster, Joe Pavona, Katie McPherson, Cindy Carson, and Carol Chapman.  The meeting was conducted by tele-conference call-in.

Joe P reported that no progress had been made in memorializing the agreement and it appeared unlikely that the Eyde Company would be coming back to the table in the absence of the Andev senior center project moving forward.  Joe further reported that he had been in discussion with Meridian Township Trustee Dan Opsommer about possible options to pursue that could provide and secure the major items contained in the verbal agreement should we not be able to memorialize that agreement.  Those items include permanently eliminating any chance of future connectivity of any type with Tonapah Trail; secure land preservation and green space; and walking trails and pedestrian bridge over the Red Cedar River.

Among the options would be a Meridian Township Board Resolution supporting the abandonment of Tonapah Trail to ILEHA.  Trustee Opsommer will work with the Township on drafting the Resolution and then share with the ILEHA Board before including it on the Township Board agenda. 

The ILEHA Board has authorized, when the time is right, that the draft Resolution be reviewed by ILEHA Board legal counsel Kevin Roragen.  This will be done to ensure that the Resolution is drafted as ILEHA intends and that it protects the best interest of ILE and does not contain any hidden provisions that we are unaware of and not wanting to accept.  The Board is also supportive of pursuing the other two items identified above.

The meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.