ILEHA Board Meeting Minutes

March 10, 2021


  1. Joe Pavona called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm. Board members in attendance were Carol Chapman, Jill Garnett, Sean Looman, Katie McPherson, Sue Webster, Joe Pavona, Cindy Carson, and Joe Tonnos.


  1. The Minutes of the January 13, 2021 meeting were reviewed. Katie moved acceptance and Joe Tonnos seconded.  The Minutes were unanimously approved.

The Minutes of the January 29, 2021 meeting were reviewed.  Jill moved acceptance and Katie seconded.  The Minutes were unanimously approved.


  1. Reports

Treasurer:  Sean provided written reports for the period ending February 28, 2021 for both the Legal Fund as well as the General Fund Accounts.  Sean also reported notices have been mailed to nine members who have yet to pay their 2020/21 dues as well as one member who still owes for the 2019/20.  Additionally, Sean mentioned he has been researching the possibility of electronic fund transfers for payment of dues.  Discussion followed.  Sue moved acceptance of the Treasurer’s Report and Jill seconded.  The report was unanimously approved.


LINC: Cindy reported no new information available at this time.


Membership:  N/A


Maintenance:  Joe P reported that no maintenance or new work was required during the time since the last Board meeting report.  Joe will be securing a new quote for repair of the irrigation system at Mohican Park.  Further discussion to take place at future Board meeting.


Webmaster:  Tracy Pinto is no longer able to serve as our Webmaster.  Katie has offered to explore with Joe P and Tracy the possibility of filling this role for the Board.  To be further discussed at future Board meeting.


  1. Old Business

Hannah Farms/Senior Center Update:  Joe P reports that he has been in regular contact with the Township administration, Andev, as well as Township Trustee Opsommer.    There have been no renewed discussions between the landowner and Andev and therefore the status remains unchanged and “off-the-table”.  In terms of a possible Meridian Township Resolution to vacate Tonapah Trail to ILEHA, Joe P is monitoring with Trustee Opsommer to select the best opportunity on when to move forward.


New Homeowners:  Continues to be tabled for future discussion.

ILEHA Road Improvement Project:  Joe P reports that he has spoken with the Township engineer and the project is still scheduled for this upcoming season.  More information will be made available in early May after bids have been reviewed and contracts awarded by the Township.



  1. New Business

2021 Notice of Assessment and Taxable Valuation:  Joe P noted for the second time in three years that ILE property taxes increased (1.4%) while our property values went down (anywhere from 0 to -0.4%).  Joe spoke with the Township tax assessor and learned that overall property values increased about 4% across the board in Meridian Township, some as high as 7 or 8%.  The Board agreed that this is not a good situation and although the data is derived from sales it is nevertheless reflective of the condition of the neighborhood and the unkept nature of some properties.  The Board agreed to make this a topic of discussion at the next ILEHA Annual Meeting.


2021 Annual Meeting:  The timing of the Annual Meeting will be discussed at the next Board meeting as we continue to monitor the Covid public meeting requirements.


4731 Arapaho Trail (Spalding Home) Landscape Request:  The Board reviewed the plan and found it generally acceptable but had questions regarding the placement, color, and construction materials of the storage shed.  Joe P will contact the homeowners for additional information.  After contacting, Joe reported back via email that the homeowners have offered to move the shed pursuant to the revised plan submitted and that the shed will be constructed of wood siding and asphalt shingles and painted to match the primary color of the home.  The Board reviewed the revised plan.  Via email, it was moved by Sean and supported by Katie that the revised plan be approved as submitted.  Via email, the Board unanimously approved the revised plan.


Meridian Township Neighborhood Leader Meeting:  Joe P attended the meeting which was held on January 20, 2021.  About 40 or 50 individuals were in attendance.  Joe provided a summary of the meeting with the primary topics of discussion being the Township’s Deer Management Program and a Roundtable Discussion


  1. The next Board meeting will be May 19, 2021 at 7 pm.


  1. The meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm.