ILEHA Board Meeting Minutes

May 19, 2021

  1. Joe Pavona called the meeting to order at 7:06 pm. In attendance were Carol Chapman, Sue Webster, Jill Garnett, Sean Looman, Joe Tonnos, and Cindy Carson.
  2. The Minutes of March 10, 2021meeting were reviewed.

Joe Tonnos moved to approve the Minutes; Sean Looman seconded.  The Minutes were unanimously approved. 

  1. Reports

Treasurer:  Sean provided written reports for the period ending April 30, 2021, for both the Legal Fund as well as the General Fund Accounts.  Sean also reported that previously we had 10 homeowners who had not yet paid their 2020/21 dues (including one homeowner for 2019/20), and since our mailing, that had dropped to 5.  The new year (2021/22) dues are currently due. Dues can be paid up to September 1, 2021, without penalty.  Jill Garnett moved to accept the treasurer’s report with Joe Tonnos seconding. The Report was unanimously approved.   

Membership:  N/A   

LINC:  Cindy Carson reports no new updates.   

Maintenance:  Joe Pavona reports that maintenance of common grounds is in process.  Spring clean-up includes leaf and other debris removal, weeding, edging, and mulch in the beds.  Joe will refresh the quote on the well repair and sprinkler system at Mohican Park and report back to the Board before moving forward with the repair.  Joe will also secure quotes for removal of two dead trees at the entrance and again report back to the Board before taking further action.  It was the consensus of Board to repair the well and irrigation system at Mohican Park once quotes were received.   

Webmaster:  Joe P reported that Shiny Imberman (4591 Comanche Drive) has generously offered to serve as the Association’s webmaster.  The Board unanimously approved Shiny’s appointment.    

  1. Old Business

Hannah Farms/Senior Center Update:  Joe P reports that the status remains unchanged with both the Andev senior center development and the Eyde property north of the proposed senior center.

Mt. Hope Vehicle Speed Study:  Joe P reported that the Meridian Township Police Department will join with the Michigan State Police to conduct a traffic study on Mt. Hope between Okemos Road and Hagadorn.  The ILEHA Board has often expressed its concerns for the speed of Mt. Hope traffic and particularly the regularity with which vehicles “run” the red traffic signal at the corner of Comanche and Mt. Hope and the risk it presents to walkers vehicles exiting our subdivision.   

ILE Road Improvement Project:  The Board discussed pros and cons for the proposed island in the cul-de- sac area on Sequoia Trail at the front part of the neighborhood.  More information will be gathered, and the concept discussed further at future Board meetings.

New Homeowners Program:  The Board would like to improve its approach in welcoming new homeowners to Indian Lakes Estates.  It will be discussed at a future meeting and when our Board Membership Coordinator is present.    

2021 Annual Meeting:  The Board tentatively (subject to Covid-19 pandemic status) agreed to hold an in-person annual homeowners meeting this year but moved it to mid- September instead of the usual time in June.  The Board selected September 16th as a possible date and will explore the availability of a venue for the meeting. 

Zoning Board of Appeal:  The Township ZBA approved in-part and denied in-part a request by the homeowners at 4580 Arapaho Trail to retain structural work completed in the flood plain without prior approvals.  However, the berm, stone riverbed and landscaping that was done in the flood plain must be removed per the State Department of Environment Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE) by June 30th.

Brush Pile 4635 Sequoia Trail:  After Board follow-up, the large brush pile on the property of the recently renovated home at 4635 Sequoia Trail has been removed.


  1. New Business

Meridian Township Neighborhood Leader Meeting:  Joe P reported that he will attend the next meeting scheduled for May 27, 2021.

Mark Kieselbach:  Joe P reported that the Township’s longstanding Director of Community Planning and Development would be retiring.

  1. Next Meeting

The next meeting will be July 21, 2021, at 7 pm.

  1. Adjournment

 Jill Garnett moved to adjourn tonight’s meeting; Joe Tonnos supported.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 pm.