ILEHA Board Meeting Minutes

July 21, 2021



  1. Joe Pavona called the meeting to order at 7:09 pm. In attendance were Joe Pavona, Katie McPherson, Sue Webster, Jill Garnett, Joe Tonnos, Carol Chapman, and Cindy Carson. 


  1. Approval of Minutes

May 19, 2021:  Minutes approved with a motion from Sue Webster; seconded by Joe Tonnos.

June 28, 2021:  Minutes approved with a motion from Katie McPherson; seconded by Joe Tonnos.

July 9, 2021:  Minutes were approved with a motion from Katie McPherson; seconded by Cindy Carson.


  1. Reports

Treasurer: Sean Looman, was not present. However, Sean submitted written reports for the period ending June 30, 2021.  The Board reviewed the reports and noted that there are still 5 homeowners who have not yet paid last year’s (June 1, 2020 – May 30, 2021) dues, one of which also owes for the previous year.  As of September 1, 2021, those still unpaid will have property liens imposed per deed restrictions.  Approval of Treasurer’s Report will be tabled until next meeting when the Treasure is present to answer any Board member questions before final approval.   


LINC:  Cindy Carson reports no new updates.


Membership:  Jon Haun, not present.


Maintenance:  Joe Pavona reports that the Mohican Park lawn irrigation system is now up and running.

Cost of repairs came in under budget.  Joe is still waiting on final quotes for removal of the 2 dead trees on the eastside of the entrance to ILE.  The Board also discussed the lack of yard maintenance of an ILE home and agreed that a letter from the ILEHA Board should be sent to the homeowners asking for their cooperation in improving the sightliness of their property and complying with our deed restrictions.   


Webmaster:  Shiny Imberman (4591 Comanche Drive) has graciously agreed to assist our Board with

our Association website needs.  Shiny will hopefully be able to join future meetings and join the discussion on our website.    


  1. Old Business

Hannah Farms/Senior Center Update:  Joe P. reports no change on the Andev Senior Center/Hannah Farms property.


Mt. Hope Traffic Study:  The Mt. Hope traffic study is in process, but it was noted that this is not the ideal time of the year to conduct such a study.  Traffic patterns are much different when schools are not in session, including MSU.  The Board agreed that the study should be done sometime between September and June while staying away from the holiday seasons.  This observation will be passed on to the Meridian Township Police Department.


ILE Road improvement Project:  The proposed island on Sequoia Trail has been finalized and will be installed as agreed to by the Township and ILEHA Board (as concurred to by ILE homeowners) and pursuit to “Version 2” as presented by Township Engineer Derek Perry.  

Zoning Board of Appeals:  The ILEHA Board has been following the developments of the ZBA regarding an ILE home requesting an “after the fact” variance of work that was done in the flood plan.  The ZBA approved in part and denied in part the homeowner’s request.


2021 Annual Meeting:  The ILEHA Annual Meeting is tentatively planned to be held at Okemos Community Church on September 14, 2021.  Carol Chapman reserved the Community Room from 6-9:30 pm. 


  1. New Business

Canada Geese:  The Board reviewed a letter from the Paul family of 4610 Sequoia Trail regarding an ongoing problem with Canada Geese for lake front property owners.  Following discussion, the Board agreed to follow up with various contacts that individual Board members have with potential resource persons on how this problem might be addressed.  The Board will then report back to the Pauls.   


National Night Out:  It will be held on August 3, 2021.  Officer Talbert asked if we wanted to participate this year. The Board felt that August 3 is not the ideal date to attract interest and maximize attendance as this is a popular vacation time for families just before school starts back up.  We will provide feedback that a date after school resumes would likely attract much more interest.  Also, this year the mosquitos have been a severe problem due to the unusual amount of rainfall.   


  1. The next meeting will be on August 25, Wednesday, at 7 pm.


  1. The meeting was adjourned at 9:06 pm. Joe T made the motion to

adjourn; Sue seconded the motion.