ILEHA Board Meeting Minutes

August 25, 2021


  1. Joe Pavona called the meeting to order at 7:08 pm. In attendance were Joe Pavona, Joe Tonnos, Jill Garnett, Cindy Carson, and Sue Webster.


  1. Approval of Minutes

Minutes of the July 21, 2021 meeting were approved with a motion by Joe Tonnos and seconded by Jill Garnett.


  1. Reports

Treasurer:  Sean Looman was not present.  Report for this period will be reviewed at the next meeting.

LINC:  Cindy Carson reports no new updates.

Membership:   Jon Haun was not present.  Katie McPherson will provide an update under Old Business, New Homeowners Program.

Maintenance:  Joe Pavona provided quotes to remove dead trees at the neighborhood entrance.  Lawns and More quoted $1500; Top Notch Tree Care quoted $1598; and, Smith Tree quoted $1900.  A motion to accept Lawns and More’s low bid of $1500 was made by Cindy Carson and seconded by Katie McPherson.  The motion was unanimously approved.  Also, Joe noted that Lawns and More reported that they were doing their best with the weekly mowings as it has been challenging with all the equipment present for the road paving project, especially in the “narrows”.

Webmaster:  Shiny Imberman gave an update to Joe Pavona.  Our website is in process of being updated and the website is back up after being down due to an expired annual fee.  This oversight occurred during the transition of Webmaster activities from our prior Webmaster to Shiny.


  1. Old Business

Hannah Farms/Senior Center Update:  Joe Pavona reports that the proposed Hannah Farms Senior Center developer, Andev, is now looking for a new site in Detla Township and ended their efforts to possibly locate in Meridian Township.

ILE Road Improvement Project Update:  Derek Perry, Township Deputy Manager and Director of Public Works reports that the project should be substantially completed the first week of September.

New Homeowner Program:  Katie reports that she and co-membership coordinator Jon Haun have developed a proposed neighborhood fall gathering event.  Katie reviewed the details, and the Board was receptive and suggested it be reviewed with the members at the upcoming annual meeting.

2021 Annual Meeting/Election Results:  After much discussion, it was decided that the ILEHA annual meeting would be conducted virtually by Zoom in lieu of an in-person meeting.  The date remains the same, September 14, 2021.  Carol Chapman will notify the Okemos Community Church, the venue selected for an in-person meeting, that ILEHA will no longer need to reserve their downstairs hall.   Final Election results were not available as Treasurer Looman was unable to attend tonight’s meeting.

Canada Geese:  Joe Pavona and Sue Webster will follow up with the homeowners at 4612 Sequoia Trail regarding their inquiry on the apparent large population of Canada Geese that are becoming a nuisance to some homeowners located on the lake.  Sue has identified possible resources at MSU.


  1. New Business

Stynes’ Fence Request:  Joe Pavona and Katie McPherson will contact the homeowner and personally follow up with a site visit and discussion, then report back to the Board.

Morese and Sidewalks:  Following discussion, the Board was unanimous is not exploring sidewalks.  Joe Pavona will contact Alex Morese and provide Board feedback and thank Mr. Morese for his communication.


  1. The next meeting will be on Wednesday October 20, 2021 at 7 pm.


  1. Adjournment: Sue Webster moved, and Joe Tonnos seconded.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:34 pm