ILEHA Board Meeting Minutes

October 20, 2021


  1. The meeting was called to order at 7:04 pm by Joe Pavona. In attendance were Joe Pavona, Joe Tonnos, Sean Looman, Jill Garnett, Carol Chapman, Katie McPherson, and Cindy Carson.


  1. Approval of Minutes

Minutes of the August 25, 2021, meeting were approved with a motion by Joe Tonnos and second by Jill Garnett.


  1. Reports

Treasurer:  Sean Looman provided reports for both the Operating and Legal Accounts that spanned the period July 1, 2021 through September 30, 2021.  Both accounts were in balance.  Sean reported that although we are still collecting current year (2021-22) dues, four homeowners have yet to pay their 2020/21 dues and 1 homeowner their 2019/20 and 2020/21.  After the first of the year, notices will again be sent to those homeowners who have yet to pay their current year dues as well as those in arears for previous years who will also be noticed that liens on their properties are pending and will be processed if payment is not received or other arrangements made.  Jill Garnett moved approval of the Treasurer’s report and Joe Tonnos seconded.  The report was unanimously approved.

LINC:  Cindy Carson reported no new updates as LINC meetings have been cancelled during Covid.

Membership:  As a review, Katie reported that she and Jon were proposing a neighborhood engagement event, The Three Days of Fall.  The event would be held on 3 Sundays, October 24 (Sidewalk Chalk), October 31 (Halloween Decorating), and November 14 (Donuts & Cider in Mohican Park).  Additionally, Katie reviewed this with the membership at the September 20th Annual Meeting, receiving positive reception.  Given the positive reception from homeowners, the Board reaffirmed its unanimous support to sponsor the event.  Katie, Jon, and Joe P will work together to distribute notices to ILE homeowners including the Nextdoor networking service and placing Easel at ILE entrance.  On November 5, 2021, the Board will hold a brief call to plan details for the Donuts and Cider event.

Maintenance: Joe P reported that the two trees were removed at the entrance to ILE. Joe also mentioned that another tree may need to be removed next year.  Further, damage was done to our lawn irrigation system by the utilities contractor working on cabling on Mt. Hope Rd.  Joe has contacted the Township and they will make sure that it is repaired, if not yet this year next spring.

Webmaster:  Joe P reported on behalf of our webmaster, Shiny Imberman, that Shiny is continuing to update our site and expects to have it completed within the next several days.


  1. Old Business

Hannah Farms/Senior Center Update:  Joe P reported that there are no new developments since the last update.

ILE Road Improvement Project Update:  Joe P reported that the Township anticipates that the project will be substantially completed by the end of the month and has reassurance from Township Engineer Derek Perry that any repair of lawn damage, etc., not completed will be taken care of next spring.

New Homeowner Program/3 Days of Fall:  See number 3 above, report on membership.

Stynes’ Fence Request:  Katie and Joe P discussed their site visit and the homeowner’s subsequent action of discontinuing her interest in installing fence sections in lieu of trellises for flowers in an existing plant-bed area. 

2021 Annual Meeting Wrap-up:  Overall the Board was pleased with the participation and outcome of our first Annual Homeowners’ Association Meeting by Zoom.  The discussion was good and our three guest participants, Township Trustee Dan Opsommer, Deputy Township Manager and Engineer Derek Perry, and Township Police Office Wes Talbot, all were able to effectively engage with the meeting attendees.


  1. New Business

There was none.


  1. Next meeting will be held on Wednesday January 12, 2022, at 7 pm.


  1. Adjournment: Katie moved, and Sean supported.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:12pm.